Top 5 Tips for Working from Home

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

The world is certainly an unpredictable place at the moment. With a certain ominous feel as you attempt to go about your daily tasks, like purchasing food or filling up your car, you can’t help but feel a little frazzled and of course worried about what the future holds.

As a business owner myself, I greatly sympathise with all of the small businesses who have lost clients, customers, or have had to close all together. As well as the many people who have been sent home from work, who have families to care for and no understanding of when they will return or future income.

Unfortunately though, there is no easy answer to this current pandemic, and given we are all in a similar boat, I wanted to try and add some value to the situation through my own expertise and the ZES Marketing platform.

As someone who has worked from home for the past 4 years. I thought I would shed a little light on how I maintain routine, productivity and creativity, in what some might call, an unorthodox working environment.

TIP 1 | Set the same wake up time every morning and stick to it.

It can be very easy to sleep in or lay in bed on your phone, when technically, you don’t have to be anywhere. Though by waking up early and keeping a clear routine in your sleep pattern, I find it ads structure to my day and prevents my mind and body from becoming lazy (or in holiday mode).

TIP 2 | Begin your day with some form of exercise.

After implementing this rule, I cannot start my day without either a walk with my dog Anzac, yoga flow or workout. Even if it’s just 20minutes, this is a great way to get the blood pumping and help you feel motivated before sitting down to work.

TIP 3| Organise a dedicated workspace in your home.

This one can be tricky depending how much space you have in your house, though it is undeniably beneficial to try and separate your working space, from your food and leisure space. There is nothing worse than having to put your working brain on, when you are in the same seat that you ate breakfast (trust me, I speak from experience).

TIP 4| Try to start your work day at a similar time each day and with a clear To Do list.

This will vary slightly, depending if I have a photoshoot or meetings that day. Though if it’s a standard day at the computer, I make a strong effort to sit down around 8 or 9 every morning and begin my day with writing out a To Do list, in order of priority. This way I can understand what my tasks are for the day and get a good jump on accomplishing them.

TIP 5| Take a lunch break.

This may seem obvious, though it’s very easy to lose that routine when working from home. I often like to use my lunch break to go for a surf if possible, walk the dog or do a workout. This way I get some vitamin D and revamp my focus and creativity, even if its means I work a bit later that day. This tip is certainly the biggest perk of working from home, though as long as you complete your required tasks for the day, I personally believe it greatly improves my overall performance.

I hope my top tips help make your transition to working from home a little easier. The best things to remember is, nothing lasts forever, and I am positive we will come out the other side of this, it’s just a matter of being resourceful and keeping a positive mindset in the meantime.

Stay safe & happy working

Kind regards

Zoe Strapp

(Marketing manager & Photographer)


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