TOP 5 TIPS for kick-starting your social media strategy

While many of us out there are currently on “covid” hold or perhaps, are seeing a downturn in business, it's important not to drop the ball during this time and to be more active than ever across our social media marketing.

In order to achieve this and begin putting the cogs in motion to achieve your business goals, I have outlined my TOP 5 TIPS to help drive engagement and growth across your social media platforms.

TIP NUMBER 1: Video Posts

My first tip is to integrate video into your content strategy. This doesn't have to be professional grade video if that is not within your budget.

It could be as simple as, Creating an at home video of your new products Introducing yourself via a short 60 second phone clip. Making a quick tutorial video. Walk through of your home office. Investing in an influencer created video.

➢ ALWAYS staying active on your Instagram stories ! In today’s day and age people are craving authenticity more than ever, especially when it comes to the brands that they follow, and video is a way to deliver that. With over 400 million people watching Instagram stories daily and the average video post receiving at least 59% more engagement than other post types , it’s a growing world of opportunity.

Video content allows you to bring a personal and interactive touch to your social media strategy and offer a high amount of value in a short amount of time, that is why it is essential to include it in your social media strategy.

Beginning with a simple, at home introduction video, moving all the way up to professional grade videography, let's begin today and include at least 1x video into your next month of social media content.

Recommended videographer @gos_4

TIP NUMBER 2 : Quizzes, polls and questions

One of the most important thing to remember when it comes to building your social media presence, is the power of engagement. The power of interacting with your existing audience, both for their benefit and your own, is undeniable.

By incorporating regular quizzes, polls and questions into your Instagram stories and posts, you not only incorporate your followers into your brands journey and make them feel included, but also gain valuable feedback from your target market.

➢ Next time you post a sequence of stories try integrating a fun or educational quiz into them. ➢ Make use of the poll option to gain feedback from your audience and include them in your business or design decision ➢ Transfer this quiz into a post, and ask for them to give their answers in a comment.

➢ Request questions from your audience on your Instagram stories and answer them in a LIVE video or on IGTV. If you regularly integrate the above points into your social media strategy, you will not only see a positive drive in engagement and growth to your page, but also an increase in excitement from your audience, increased ranking within the algorithm and value packed return when it comes to market research for your brand.

TIP NUMBER 3 // Education and value

The hard truth is, your followers expect allot from you. They want to be constantly entertained and find value in your content. That is why educational and value packed posts, videos and stories are so successful.

Some great ways to integrate this into your strategy include, ➢ Educational posts, showcasing your expertise & tangible tasks or knowledge your audience can walk away with. ➢Informative blog posts, that will drive traffic to your website. ➢ Educational videos and tutorials, shared across your IGTV, Youtube Channel or blog.

➢ A series of Instagram stories, that encourage your audience to screen shot to apply later (e.g. recipes, screen savers or workouts). Always remember, you are the expert in the situation. What ever services or products your offer, your audience looks to you to help them with their problems, so why not share the knowledge !


Going live on social media can be a very intimidating at first. It's one thing to put a video up, but to do it live is a whole 'nother ball game, though you would be surprised, at how much your audience will value this action. According to a study by Vimeo Livestream, 82% of people prefer to watch a live brand video then read a standard post. . This is a very personal and authentic way to connect with your audience, reveal new products or share a story. It is also a great opportunity to answer any and all of your followers’ questions, which you can source the day before via your instagram story question box, a previous post or request during the live. So my next challenge for you, is to schedule an Instagram live into your next month of social media content, notify your audience when this will be, to give them time to plan it into their day and watch the excitement build (NOTE: I highly suggest saving this live once you have done it).

TIP NUMBER 5 // Brand collaborations

My fifth and final tip is all about collaborating, collaborating with like-minded brands and businesses, to help drive mutually beneficial exposure to your brand! One of the most effective ways to reach new followers and drive brand exposure, is to get in front of existing, trusting audiences.

By collaborating with non-competitive brands, you are able to be placed in front of an entirely new audience by a brand that they already know and trust, vs paid advertising or TAGS, where trust and conversion can take much longer to achieve. Collaborations can be executed in a variety ways, including ➢ Collaborative project and products, ➢ Collaborative photoshoots, to help increase brand reach, while saving on costs. ➢ Group giveaways, promoted across all social accounts involved and email database's.

If you are looking to give your social media a much needed boost, I couldn't recommend a well thought out collaboration enough.

Step 1, research and connect with a like minded / non competitive brands, that share's a similar target audience. Step 2, plan out a mutually beneficial strategy, based around one of the above points. Step 3, begin your promotion.

Example: Of a social media giveaway by @yogipeaceclub


I hope you have found these five, simple yet effective, social media tactics valuable and feel inspired to kick start your social media strategy into the next half 2020.

Should you be looking to build your own digital marketing knowledge further, feel free to check out out my full Social Media Marketing 101 E-Book today or get in touch via , to discuss 1:1 coaching and ongoing marketing services.

Happy Creating

Zoe Strapp

(Marketing manager, ZES Marketing)

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