Top 3 tips for creating Instagram content

Written by Zoe Strapp

Are you constantly finding yourself being told, “you need more content to build your brand online?”


“ Your content isn’t high quality enough for social media “

Well the truth is, content is a key aspect of building your brand online and in particular, when you are building it on social media. It is often the first impression potential customers receive of your brand and I am sure we can all agree, we want it to be good a good one.

Though the concept of generating and pushing out high quality content doesn’t have to be as daunting as many people think. It doesn’t have to take up entire days of your week or cause an extra headache in your already busy life.

The key is to simply to create a collection of high-quality content that you know your audience wants to see and that you can have at your disposal when scheduling and posting!

This is where my top 3 tips come in,

TIP NUMBER 1 : Put together a collection of image and video content you can draw on anytime.

I know this may seem simple, but one of the most common things I hear from clients is, I know I need to post more but I just don’t have the content. Or maybe you often find yourself with something great to say to your audience, but no photo to accompany it. One of my number top tips for this is utilising a platform like Dropbox or google drive and putting together a collection of folders that you can draw on when you need to transfer high content to your phone, FAST.

Within these folders I suggest having a range of images that showcase your brand in a variety of ways including,

  • High quality professional photography.

  • High quality video footage (this could be interview, project, product or campaign style footage). Make sure to edit and cut up your footage according to what platform you would like to post on (including IGTV, instagram post & stories).

  • In the moment / self-captured images and videos (still try to keep this as high quality as possible).

  • Instagram templates that are available through the free platform CANVA. This are a great option for unique and innovative images, quotes, events etc.

TIP NUMBER 2: User Generated Content

This is by far one of the best ways to expand your content library, generate brand awareness and drive engagement on your social media. Encouraging your audience to create content for you, also helps builds a stronger relationship with your audience and makes them feel a part of the brands journey.

Some of the best ways to accomplish this include,

  • Offer a giveaway, where to enter, customers have to post a photo of themselves using your product and TAG / hashtag your brand.

  • Offer gifts or discounts to existing customers if they post and tag you in an image.

  • Remember, if you are encouraging them to create content for you, make the requirements as simple as possible, otherwise they will not bother.

TIP NUMBER 3: Invest in collaboration & influencer marketing.

These two forms of marketing that are great for building brand awareness, as well as generating high quality content you couldn’t otherwise.

Collaboration marketing includes connecting with like-minded brands that are not in competition and utilising each other’s platform and audience to generate sales and followers at minimal cost. When undertaking a collaboration, some of the best ways to generate new content include,

  • Organise a group photoshoot.

  • Provide the collaborating brands with your product to allow them to capture it in their own photoshoots.

Influencer marketing is where you work closely with a social media influencer through providing a complimentary product and payment (cost varies depending on size of influencer).An example of how effecting this form of marketing is, can be seen by visiting @tribeskincare.

When working with an influencer it’s important to,

  • Define what content you want them to create (video or photo).

  • What style of content they will deliver (product shots, lifestyle shots?)

  • How much content they will be producing (number of photos you can use etc)

You now have access to some unique and high-quality content that not only features your product, but also an influencer that is hopefully highly regarded by your target audience.

I hope this helps take the pressure of generating your social media content and assist in a seamless and high quality feed that I am sure you audience will love.

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