Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Written by Zoe Strapp

It is no secret that video is by far one of the most effective forms of marketing in today’s online world, with 32% of people using social media just to watch video . Video allows you to break down the barriers between you and your customers, drive engagement, provide valuable information and increase overall brand awareness, video is not something you want to miss out on.

For those of you who are building a brand, no matter how small or large your venture is, no matter if you are already 20 years into a developed business or just starting out, the value of video within your marketing mix and to remain competitive in today’s digital era cannot be disputed.

That is why I have put together an outline of the different kinds of videos you should be investing in this new year and why…







Video is a versatile and engaging form of media that allows you to immerse your audience in the story or service you are trying to convey. It can easily be shared across just about any social media or digital platform, making it simple to push out and simple for your audience to find, digest and re-share with their own community.

Video can be created by anyone with access to a smart phone, camera or computer. While there is a strong emphasis on professional video, this should always be matched with a mix of POV (point of view), amateur and authentic video content. Making it an accessible form of marketing no matter your goals or budget.


According to the Yellow Social Media Report 2018,

✔️28% of people use Facebook Live to watch live or recorded videos

✔️32% of people use facebook to watch videos

✔️72% prefer learning about products or services through video

✔️Users spend 88% more time browsing on a website with video

✔️Social media posts with video have 48% more views.

Video by Gos 4


There are plenty of different types of video that you can create for your business, each suited to individual platforms and video styles, including YouTube, Facebook, website, IGTV, Instagram stories, live video and so on so forth.

Though I like to break it down into two simple categories, professional and non-professional.


Professional video requires you to engage an experienced videographer or agency to design, capture and edit your footage and deliver high quality and refined video content.

I could not recommend investing in professional video enough, even for those with a smaller budget, producing even one professional video per year will prove invaluable to your brand.

One Professional video can be utilised across a range of social media platforms, cutting it into full length YouTube clips, Instagram stories, IGTV Videos and paid Facebook ads. You also have access to unique styles of video including drone and 360 degree footage, which is an amazing way to immerse your viewers in your latest project and stand out from the crowd.

A few topic ideas you could use include behind the brand, bringing your audience behind the scenes of your business, office, daily routine or production. Interview style video sharing your journey or services. Product reveals, client testimonials or even event footage.

If you are looking for an incredible videographer within Victoria, I couldn’t recommend GOS 4 enough ! Feel free to give Andrew, the founder and director a call to discuss your vision.

Video by Gos 4

Non Professional

Non-professional video includes any video content you create yourself. This can include POV (point of view) footage you create on your GoPro, VLOG style footage on your digital camera, selfie footage on your phone or even just a walk-through of the construction site.

Non- Professional video in an amazing way to quickly and affordable create daily content for your audience and bring them behind the scenes of your business. It does not take long to jump on your phone, record a quick and informative video and push it out. I can almost grantee you will be blown away by the results you receive from this small investment, especially when matched with a strong marketing strategy and professional video content.

You will often find professional and non-professional video will perform differently, depending on the platforms, topic and quality. That is why I always suggest including both in your marketing mix, as they are both just as valuable as the other, especially when used correctly.

FUN FACT: Over 400 million people watch instagram stories daily

Here are a few examples…

Professional vs non Professional on Facebook.

The first video was created by a professional videographer, it received 226 minutes of view time in the last 12 months. Compared to the POV amateur video below which has only received 29 minutes of view time. Now these results can vary greatly and many things can influence this including time of posting, quality of sound, relevance of the topic, collaborations in the video etc.

Video vs Photo in paid ads

Here are some great examples of how successful video can be when utilised in different ways.

The first example demonstrates the value of video over still images when running paid Facebook & Instagram ads. With the amateur iPhone video receiving more than 14x the amount of click throughs and impressions than the image ad.

Below that you can also see the huge difference in organic performance between the professional and non-professional video on Facebook. Highlighting the value of both styles of video when used in different ways.

Value of video Instagram

Our final example highlights the importance of video on Instagram, showing my top 3 performing posts in the past 12 months and one of them being a video I only posted a few weeks ago!! INCREDIBLE I KNOW .

The next example shows two IGTV videos, the first one was posted a few weeks ago and the second was posted about 9 months ago. The first is an amateur POV video and the second is a professionally filmed video. The first has received over 1k views vs only 96 views on the second.

Now this same professional video highly outperformed the amateur footage on Facebook, highlighting the importance of using both styles of video across the various platforms you have at your disposal.

And depending what message you are trying to convey with your footage.

To wrap up this blog I just want to emphasise the importance of incorporating video into your 2020 marketing plan. VIDEO IS THE FUTURE! And I don't want you or you're business to miss out on this incredible opportunity to grow, communicate and reach your audience.

So make a point this new year of planning out what content you want to create and doing it !!!

If you would like any assistance with the creation of your professional content, defining the marketing strategy behind your content and optimising its release into the digital world, please feel free to get in touch any time.

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