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To assist in bringing my clients dream business to life with effective and innovative marketing tactics, that will help build a positive and engaged relationship with their target audience, drive results &

build a brand that encompasses their unique vision.



Meet Zoe


After completing a Bachelor of Environmental Science from Deakin University, Zoe undertook a variety of travel and business ventures that led her to a new found love of marketing and digital creativity. Driving her to then complete a post-graduate in marketing & communication from RMIT.


Zoe has since gone on to work in the industry for over 4 years, with a range of clients, in particular construction & builders, eco-tourism and sustainable/eco minded brands. 

Expanding her passion and expertise in digital marketing, content creation and Facebook advertising for clients nationwide. 

With a personal passion for sustainability and photography, Zoe brings a unique perspective to the marketing industry, offering not only effective marketing management and strategies, but also an understanding of sustainability, creativity and the importance of offering an environmentally friendly service in todays current market. 

In her spare time, Zoe takes to the ocean with her border collie Anzac. From surfing to diving and photography, any time she is not at the computer you are sure to find her exploring our very own surf coast. 

Does your business offer sustainable / eco products & Services?

With a Bachelor of Environmental Science, accompanied by years of digital marketing expertise and a personal passion to protecting our natural environment, I could not be more excited about working along side you and your business and assisting in building a positive future for all involved. 

Feel free to get in touch to learn more about building your brand online and communicating your sustainable practices with your target audience.